Josh Painter

    CA DRE #01734694

    Since Launching Impact Real Estate To Serve
    Temecula, California and Its Surrounding Region In 2010, Painter
    Has Built A Powerhouse Roster of 40 Agents and Personally
    Sold Over 1,000 Homes

    Driven by his long held belief that there’s “no glory in mediocrity,” Josh Painter found himself at a powerful crossroads in mid-2008. Though he had established himself as a successful loan originator in his longtime hometown of Temecula, California – South Riverside County’s premier winemaking region – he realized that he was earning a fraction of what the real estate agents he worked with made on any given deal while doing three times as much work.

    When he decided to bring his license to the local Keller Williams office, he was broke and behind on his rent and car payment. He had $60 to his name. Painter held an open house the next day and immediately wrote a client’s offer on the property – and by the end of the year, he was closing a handful of deals a month, debt free and engaged in an exciting new career that would change the course of his life.

    At a time when everyone was fearful because of a weakening market, he looked beyond the headlines to find dynamic opportunities. Because of dropping property values, there were hundreds of buyers who could never buy homes before who finally could. “I woke up every morning driven to help these people,” says Painter, who launched his own company, Impact Real Estate, in 2010. “I knew that if other agents could do well in this business, there was no reason I couldn’t succeed.”

    That philosophy proved to be a catalyst – and ultimately an understatement, as he rapidly built a clientele (at Keller Williams and later at Century 21) by conducting open houses, advertising other agent’s listings on Craigslist and drawing on a base of people he knew for referrals. After months of steady sales, Painter developed a larger vision of his potential via a group of investors in San Diego (his birthplace and original hometown) who connected with him to help them buy homes in the down market and flip them.

    Their initial goal was to buy, refurbish and sell two homes a month but within a year, with Painter negotiating the sale of each refurbished home, they were up to a whopping 60 a month. At one point, Painter – who developed a powerful plan of implementation for these investors – had eight employees driving around Riverside County to check the conditions of these homes and make sure they were ripe for bidding.

    “This was an unprecedented time in the market’s history,” he says. “Banks were unloading properties at the courthouse for 60 cents on the dollar regardless of condition, and there was an incredible amount of flipping going on. I doubt if I received the same call from investors seeking my help today, we would have such overwhelming results.”

    Upping his game even further, Painter decided it was time to take the next step to serve his burgeoning clientele by getting his broker’s license and opening Impact Real Estate. He remembers running on a treadmill at the gym listening to a Tony Robbins motivational seminar when the idea struck. Painter went home, got on his computer and signed up for a broker’s license course. While studying for the exam, he read voraciously on how to start a brokerage.

    He knew one of the keys to succeeding as an upstart in a competitive market was keeping the overhead low. “When I was on the financial committee at Keller Williams,” he says, “we would audit the books every month to find ways on how to perform better as an office. I would ask them why they spent more than market rent on their office lease. It was a huge waste of money. I found the most affordable office on Rancho California, which is the main drag of Temecula, to launch Impact Real Estate.”

    Setting himself apart by truly caring about his clients and being committed to building lifelong relationships with them, Painter quickly became a local real estate phenomenon, selling an astounding 165 homes in 2011 – more than any other agent in the Temecula/Murrieta area. Today, while building a loyal staff of 40 agents (all equally committed to specialized, long term client relationships and services) and growing, he has personally sold more than 1,000 homes. He and his team are able to sell homes for up to 21 percent more money than the average agent – and do it an average of 26 days faster than the average for the area.

    Painter’s goal is to give the most value possible to every person he works with, clients and agents alike – and this extends to the “above and beyond” services and offerings that clients experience when they work with Impact Real Estate.

    Painter has members of his staff coordinate with local utility companies to have services turned on for their clients – including presenting them with price choices if there are more than one company serving the area. The office has also invested in other large household items they will loan to clients who need them, including a pressure washer, tree trimmer, air compressor and bolt cutter – saving them a trip to Home Depot and a lot of extra money.

    “In my experience, I have found that typical agents are all about the transaction, an in and out exchange where they get the deal done and move on,” says Painter. “But I’ve always believed that people don’t work with companies, they work with people, and our clients know that we’re dedicated to helping them with every detail. We’re trying to build lifelong relationships here. The average person will sell a house every four to seven years and we want to be there to help them with their next sale. We tell clients that we’re not here to sell you a house, because a properly marketed house should sell itself. Rather, we’re here to help you find the perfect home, and once you do, guide you through the entire process with the best deal possible.

    “For sellers, we have figured out that your home can sell at the high end of the market or low end, and where it sells is based on variables that can be managed. We have found a way to manage those variables so as to position your home to sell at the top of the market. Sometimes the difference between the top and the bottom can be as much as $30,000.”

    Beyond his engaging personality and dedication to the needs of his clients, one of the main reasons Painter has risen so far so quickly is the fact that he is deeply passionate about and connected to his home city Temecula, where he and his wife live in the Morgan Valley community of Redhawk. Having lived there his whole adult life, he understands the multitude of reasons people (and an increasingly younger family demographic) gravitate to the area.

    He has raised his family there, and when he’s not working for his clients, he enjoys entertaining friends and family in his backyard, playing drums in several rock bands, playing golf on one of the region’s renowned courses or enjoying the beauty of the local wineries. He also hosts Impact Club, an organization that donates over $80,000 per year to local charities.

    This intimacy with the community allows Painter to boldly declare, “We know all the secrets of what makes Temecula one of Southern California’s most sought-after communities. It’s a dynamic, family oriented lifestyle, with parks and golf courses everywhere, in addition to some of the nation’s top rated schools. We’re also excited to service many of our surrounding communities, including Murrieta, Menifee, Winchester, Wildomar and Lake Elsinore.

    “My personal 10-15 year vision is to make Impact Real Estate the pre-eminent brokerage in Riverside and San Diego counties,” he adds, “while my daily goal remains pursuing my desire to provide state of the art customer service to everyone I come in contact with, adding more value to their lives and leaving them with more than they had when I arrived. I thoroughly enjoy that exciting feeling of handing keys to a new homeowner and knowing that I have helped them move on to the next phase of their lives with personal care and efficiency.”

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